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Park Primary PRU: Local Offer 2018/19

The changes in the Children and Families Act 2014, specifically Part 3: SEND Code of Practice 2014
(updated January 2015) affect the way children with special educational needs (SEN) are supported in our PRU.

The new approach was introduced in September 2014 and places learners at the centre of planning.

The key principles of this legislation are:

  • Pupil and parent centred approach: in which pupils and families/carers should be involved in discussions and to share their knowledge of a young person’s progress to enable a greater understanding of their needs and how to best support those needs.
  • A strong focus on progress and embedding a culture of high expectations.
  • Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) will replace Statements of Special Education Needs.

At Park Primary PRU we have adopted these changes are committed to fulfilling the statutory guidance on duties, policies and procedures of the SEND Code of Practice 2014 (updated January 2015).


Park Primary is a KS1- KS3 Pupil Referral Unit. We specialise in supporting young people who have not been able to maintain a placement in their local school either due to a social, emotional or behavioural difficulty or a medical condition.

Park Primary PRU upholds children’s rights to education. We recognise the child as an individual and acknowledge that children’s needs change over time and require flexibility in our approach.

Our offer, therefore, is designed to ensure that barriers to equal access in our school are removed or overcome. We have brought about an offer that will provide opportunities for successful outcomes but one which provides support, encouragement and flexible resources to keep our community safe.

Our school motto is ‘Protect, Provide and Progress’.

We welcome engagement from our parents/carers and wider support agencies to bring about protection, provision and progression for learners of Park Primary so that they are well prepared for the future both as learners and citizens.

At Park Primary PRU we strive to provide a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our pupils so that they can learn in a calm and secure atmosphere. We believe every pupil should be able to participate in all school activities to their best abilities in an enjoyable and secure environment and be protected from harm. This is the responsibility of all adults employed or invited to deliver services at Park Primary PRU. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all our pupils by protecting them from physical, sexual or social abuse, neglect and bullying. We are a safe school and we ensure that our children learn, share and grow together.

Park Primary PRU recognises that pupils placed on roll have experienced difficulties in responding to the day-to-day challenges of a mainstream school. They require personalised support in extending their range of emotional, social and behavioural skills and achieving appropriate learning outcomes.

Park Primary PRU aim to:

  • Provide high quality learning experiences for all pupils
  • Provide a classroom environment that has a high staff to pupil ratios
  • Provide strong leadership and a positive ethos
  • Ensures all staff act as positive role models
  • Seek and respond to the views of pupils
  • Present clear and well defined routines which give order to the school day
  • Provide a framework of rewards and consequences which will be consistent across school
  • Provide a nurturing environment throughout the school which enables pupils to respond appropriately in challenging situations
  • Pupils are further supported at difficult times by the Behaviour and Assistant Behaviour Manager, PastoraL Manager and Trainee Therapeutic Play Skills Practitioner
  • Agree personal behavioural and learning targets with pupils
  • Make use of pupil assessment data for social and emotional development, SDQ’s and the SEMH assessment tool, alongside academic assessments, to provide individual provision planning
  • Respond to a pupil in crisis by implementation of actions specified in their risk assessment and related support programme which may include Team Teach strategies
  • Involve parents/carers and appropriate services in providing a holistic response to pupils
  • Effectively manage each pupil’s transition into and out of Park Primary PRU
  • Provide training for staff to enable them to effectively fulfil their role
  • Manage monitoring and review procedures which inform the continuous process of policy review and improvement
  • Be challenged and supported by professionals and members of the Management committee

Teaching and learning

At Park Primary we recognise that children have preferred learning styles and so make allowances for this in our planning and delivery. We use a variety of teaching styles. We provide suitable learning opportunities for all children by matching the challenge of the task to the ability and learning style of the children.

Class teachers work together in groups according to their class abilities. They meet regularly to discuss and plan engaging and exciting topics that provide as much curriculum coverage as possible. Topics are decided upon based on children’s interests and National Curriculum objectives.

Opportunities for speaking,  listening and communication are optimised and, along with all areas of English, are prioritised within school. Basic skills, including scientific enquiry are delivered through this holistic approach to teaching.

Teaching staff do their upmost to enthuse the children and broaden their experiences of the topics via off site visits, visitors into the school and shared experiences of the wider school community. This experiential learning offers opportunities for the pupils to add meaning to their learning and give real life experiences. 

We are currently going through a transitional period with regards our school curriculum due to the specific directives we have recently been given by our LEA. 

Children’s achievements are celebrated regularly in the school through displays in classrooms and shared areas, structured play and interactive displays, in topic work books and during the schools weekly celebration assembly. Many classes also have a ‘Year in the Life of’ book which shows many of the engaging and extra-curricular experiences that the children have participated in. 

Assessment & Curriculum Review

Half termly monitoring takes place in line with the whole school monitoring timetable through book & planning scrutiny and/or lesson observations where applicable.

Class teachers assess and record attainment and progress of the core subjects each half term (see Assessment Policy).

Children are assessed by:

  • Teacher observation
  • Questioning and discussion
  • Children’s work
  • Self-assessment
  • Formal assessment

Sharing educational progress and outcomes with parents

Most children admitted to Park Primary will already have an identified special educational need, primarily for social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Additional needs may also be identified from previous school information, parental/carer input and staff observation.

Further assessments will be undertaken should any concerns be identified. This will ensure that pupil needs are recognised and understood and allow for appropriate provision to be established to promote progress.

Parent/carers receive weekly verbal updates on progress from class teachers. Updates on progress are recorded on Pupil’s Personal Learning Plans (PLPs). PLPs will be reviewed on a half termly basis to ensure accurate assessment of progress and enable relevant targets to be set to promote further progress. Copies of pupil’s half termly targets will be shared with parents /carers and will also be discussed during regular communication between class teachers and parents/carers. Parent/carers views are actively sought and encouraged.

Pupils’ Education, Health and Care Plan or Statement of Special Education Needs, will be reviewed annually or more often where necessary. Parents/carers will be invited to attend reviews along with other involved professionals. The Annual SEN Review is an important opportunity for everyone involved with a child to assess and share pupil’s progress and ensure each child’s need are being met appropriately.

There are other opportunities to discuss progress such as our parent/carer consultation event but contact from parents/carers is welcomed at any time.

Monitoring Progress

Pupil academic progress will be monitored half termly through class teacher assessment.
The school SEMH assessment tool will assess and measure behaviour, social skills, approaches to learning amongst other areas on a termly basis.

Positive Behaviour Management

Park Primary incorporate Positive Behaviour Management strategies within it’s daily practice as a means to promote behavioural choices and a sense of achievement. Essential within these strategies is the use of a Rewards system.

Rewards in place at Park Primary

A combination of the following rewards will be used in each classroom and used at the discretion of adults:

  • 280pts or more- certificate in assembly
  • Verbal praise
  • Stickers/ raffle tickets for work – once sticker card is full 20 minutes free choice is awarded
  • Trips related to topic
  • Points System :– 1500 points = Bronze Card and prize from the prize tub

3000 points = Silver Card and prize from the prize tub

4500 points = Gold Card and prize from the prize tub

6000 points = Platinum award and prize from the prize tub

7500 points = Ruby Award and prize from the prize tub

9000 points = Diamond Award and prize from the prize tub

  • Star of the week in each class – certificates awarded each week in assembly
  • Daily Golden Box prizes – as appropriate
  • Happy notes home/ teacher praise notes
  • Class rewards (linked to class targets)
  • 100% attendance for year – special meal with staff
  • Reward for good behaviour at end of each half term – A school trip
  • Class of the term based on average points score from all the class members – reward to be agreed between pupils, class teacher and SLT.


Parent/carer involvement in their child’s education is seen as critical at Park Primary, a partnership we actively seek to maximise throughout the school year. Park Primary’s intention is to ensure all parent/carers feel valued by the school and that they recognise their integral role in their child’s progress and development.

To develop this partnership, parents/carers are encouraged to attend regular school events ranging from coffee morning to parental teacher consultation days. Parents/carers will also be contacted by class teachers weekly in all matters relating to progress and wellbeing of their child in school. Contact from parents/carers is welcomed at any time.

Pupil Views

Park Primary value views of all their pupils and actively seek those views through interactions with staff. This is believed to be an intrinsic element with Park Primary’s strategy in establishing positive relationships with pupils and gaining a greater understanding of children as individuals. Park Primary also gather pupil views on school life termly through the ‘Colour your Feelings’ questionnaire. The views of pupils can then be easily determined and appropriate interventions actioned to address any pupil concerns.


The Management Committee will ensure that they are kept fully abreast of their statutory responsibilities by attending training and receiving regular updates from the Headteacher and SENCo.

The SENCo and Headteacher will keep fully up to date about special education needs issues through attending training and cluster meetings. In addition, the SENCo will develop their skills through attendance at specialist training discussions with outside specialists. Park Primary SENCo, Martin Byron, has undertaken the national SENCo training in line with statutory requirements.

The school will monitor its skills by reading and subscribing to professional bodies.

The wider teaching staff will be kept up to date informally by the SENCo and formally at staff meetings or via training sessions delivered by the SENCo and Headteacher.

Whole staff training opportunities will be identified to ensure SEN knowledge and skills are maintained and enhanced across the school.

Individual SEN training opportunities will be provided to members of the school staff to support CPD, develop understanding of SEN and enhance provision within school.

Outside Agencies

In order to meet the special education needs of Park Primary pupils the school works closely with a number of linked agencies. Agencies include:

  • Speech & Language Therapy Team
  • Educational Psychologists Team
  • School Nursing Team
  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Team
  • Children’s Social Care
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • Educational Social Worker


A range of policies underpin our offer, including:

  • Anti-bullying Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Care and Control Policy
  • Safeguarding, Child Protection and Prevent Policy
  • Equality Duty and Equality objectives
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Learning Behaviour Policy
  • Nurture policy
  • Reintegration Policy
  • Teaching and Learning Policy


These are all available on our school website.

The Bradford local offer can be found on