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About Us
Welcome to Maple class, the place to grow and flourish. We are all about recognizing and appreciating the individual skills of our class, staff and pupils. We learn how to cooperate to bring out the best in each person, whilst working together as a team to have fun and learn every day.

We understand that there’ll be bumps along the road but we recognise that making mistakes is an important part in making real progress. If we don’t fall over occasionally, it means we’re not trying hard enough!!!

We are some of the oldest and most mature pupils in school and whilst we enjoy passing on our knowledge to some of the younger ones, we know that this year is all about preparing ourselves for the next exciting stage in our education. We can all help each other through this transition year but know that in Mrs Daffern, Miss Mitchell and Mr Scarlett we have adults in whom we can confide in complete confidence and who’ll help us along the way with kind words of advice (and the occasional stern piece of guidance!)

By the end of this year, we know we’ll all have the tools we need (and the confidence!) to move forward and flourish in the next stage of our education, bring it on!!

Our class

Here are some pictures of our classroom and us at work. Please click on an image to enlarge it.