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Welcome to Sycamore Class!

I'm Mr Bull and would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to one of oue Key Stage 3 classes - Sycamore class. Naturally, the children will be given more responsibility as they get older so I am hoping they begin to really take control of their own learning. In turn, this should help encourage and promote the essential lifelong skills necessary for their future development. The children’s progression in maturity and behavior, including their social and emotional development is central to everything we do in class. I take no greater pride than seeing the children positively interact and work together towards a common goal. We will continue to do everything we can to support both their academic and their holistic progress.

There are currently eight pupils in Sycamore class, compromising Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 children. The children will work alongside myself and our support staff, Mr Bray and Miss Dove. Mr Bray has previously worked at the school for Bradford City Football Community and has a great understanding of the children’s needs, while you will not find someone more committed to the cause than Miss Dove! Together, we will strive to provide a fun and enjoyable curriculum where all the children are motivated to succeed. We believe our classroom should provide a safe place so the children feel comfortable to explore and create, whilst stimulating their imagination.

During this academic year our topics are ‘What Makes Us Equal’, 'Exploration' and much more. We have planned for many exciting opportunities for the children throughout the year, to ensure they are engaged and interested in their learning. In particular, we are looking to promote learning outside of the classroom as much as possible, giving the children real ‘hands-on’ experiences! Our class will have the opportunity to take part in activities such as, canoeing, archery, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing and many more. Alongside Oak class, we will also be completing outdoor activities on a weekly basis, based around a forest schools programme.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our class.

Mr Bull

Class timetable

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Class Flyers

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Sycamore pictures

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