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In Elm Class...
We do independence
We do choices
We do FUN
We do mistakes
We do second chances
We do friends
We do I’m sorry
We do LOUD really well...
and quiet when we need to.
We do brains
We do teamwork

...and that pretty much sums us up! This year we have a fantastic curriculum and have all sorts of exciting themes to get stuck into and explore.

But we don’t just learn the subjects in the curriculum. One of our focuses throughout the whole year is learning HOW we learn and of course, how we can become BETTER learners.

Also important in Elm class, is improving our ability to make independent choices - as writers, as artists, as scientists and as friends and classmates... because after all, there is only one of us in the whole world. We are UNIQUE and as such are the only mathematician, musician and sportsperson who will ever be able to achieve the things that we can achieve!

We all have our own targets, both for our learning and behaviour that we work really hard to achieve.

As well as lots of pupils, you will also find in the classroom: Miss Smith the Class Teacher, as well as Mrs Garnett, Mr Scarlett and Miss Mitchell who are our SNTAs and also help with all aspects of learning . The Elm team work hard to support children in their work, make lessons interesting and exciting, as well as making the classroom and school a fantastic place to be.

Pictures of Elm

Here are some images of our classroom and work.

Class Newsletters

Here is information about what we are learning in each half term.

Class timetable

Here is a weekly overview of the sessions that are delivered as part of our creative curriculum.