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At Park  PRU we specialise in supporting young people who have not been able to maintain a placement in their local school either due to a social, emotional or behavioural difficulty or a medical condition.

It is understandable that many pupils who attend Park PRU have negative attitudes towards school and school subjects. Many have problems accessing large parts of the National Curriculum, caused by a combination of factors: poor literacy or numeracy skills; limited concentration; problems with interaction with other pupils and a general lack of confidence and self-esteem. There is simply little point, therefore, in attempting to replicate the lesson content and teaching approaches that have failed in the past to motivate these pupils.

There are further factors to consider. Pupils at Park  PRU vary in age, from Year 2 to Year 9, and in ability. Classes are both mixed ability and mixed age, and originate from many different schools.

Pupils at Park PRU are generally keen to learn in their new environment. Our philosophy is to seek approaches which will re-motivate pupils to learn whilst highlighting any skill deficiencies and barriers to learning which we also aim to address.

Because of this we have developed our assessment to ensure that the progress that any one pupil makes is specifically linked to their individual capabilities and need. The majority of our pupils have a primary need of SEMH (social, emotional and mental health) and so, through using data provided by CASPA, they are set targets which takes this into account and measures their age and current attainment to calculate an achieveable yet challenging target for reading, writing and maths.
Alongside this we use Symphony assessment material to monitor and track pupils. This allows us to record small steps of progress, which builds up over time. 
The document attached with overall progress is not a representation of individual pupil progress. 


Assessment overview 2018-19

There are many areas in which we assess the children we support at Park Primary PRU. This document explains in more detail.