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Child Protection Procedures Flow Chart September 2018


On discovery or suspicion of child abuse

If in doubt – ACT


Inform your Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection

Miss Ratcliffe


(Deputies- Mr Kiss, PC Whiteley-Guest or Mrs Robinson)

Who should then take following steps


Where it is clear that a Child Protection Referral is needed contact Children’s Initial Contact Point without delay Tel No 01274 437500

Out of hrs Emergency Duty Team Tel No 01274 431010

Named Persons may also seek advice from the Education Social Work Service

Tel 01274 439651


If you are asked to monitor the situation, make sure you are clear what you are expected to monitor, for how long and how and to whom you should feedback information to.


Remember always make and keep a written record of all events and action taken, date and sign each entry to this record. Keep records confidential and secure and separate from the child’s curriculum file.


Ensure immediate completion and dispatch of the Common Child Protection Referral form. This form can be accessed at

Retain a copy in school. Send copies to:

        • Children’s Social Care
  • Principal Education Social Worker Margaret McMillan Tower, Princes Way, Bradford BD1 1NN



Children’s Social Care Initial Contact Point: 01274 437500

Emergency Duty Team: 01274 431010

Education Social Work Service: 01274 439651

Police: Javelin House, Child Protection Unit: 01274 376061